Church History

Church History

Bishop F.M. Thomas

Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church of Duquesne was originally founded by the late Bishop Freeman M. Thomas of Greater Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church, located at 404 Paulson Ave in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Mother Augusta Waddell

Operating under the inspirational guide of the Holy Ghost, Bishop F.M Thomas started this ministry in Clariton, Pennsylvania in 1953. Elder John Lloyd was the first pastor and overseer; preaching and teaching the unmatched word of God.  In the years to follow, Bethlehem Temple’s congregation had more  commuting from the City of Duquesne than Clairton, as a result, in1960 the decision was made for the church to move from Clairiton, Pa to a small store-front location on Second Street in Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

Some of the early parishioners of the church were Evangelist Gaynor,
Mother  Waddell, Sister Bradshaw, Sister Baker & Sister Petty. As time
went on Mother Augusta Waddell became the only soul laboring in
the ministry until the Lord sent Elder Nathan McAllister; his wife, Minister
Gloria McAllister and their 10 children from Greater Bethlehem Temple of Pittsburgh to work in this particular part of the vineyard. All praise to God, Mother Waddell was the instrument that Jesus saw fit to use to keep the doors of this ministry opened.

Under the leadership of Suffragan Bishop McAllister,  Bethlehem Temple grew to be a strong vibrant ministry. Through this ministry, thousands have been baptized in the Name of Jesus; led to Christ, and given  Godly instructions on how to live a victorious sanctified lifestyle. Suffragan Bishop Nathan McAllister was a loving, devoted, passionate, pastor that had a burden for the lost. He poured his heart and soul into this ministry, laying the foundation for what it is today.

First Lady Gloria &
Suff. Bishop Nathan McAllister

First Lady Gloria and “Bishop Mac”, as many called him, worked side by side, tirelessly, building the kingdom of God until the Lord called them home. While they are sorely missed, their impact on this community will not be soon forgotten. The legacy they left behind was monumental and is now carried on by District Elder Levi S and Dr. Ruth E. Downs.

District Elder Levi S. Downs is a great man of valor that leads his congregation by excellent example. Never deviating from the Word of God, Pastor Downs diligently follows and obeys the doctrine taught to him first by Bishop F.M. Thomas, then continued with Suff. Bishop Nathan McAllister.

He teaches a holy message of love, compassion and righteous living. The members of Bethlehem Temple Apostolic Church of Duquesne are blessed and thankful to have Elder and First Lady  Downs as  leaders leading us into this new era. We look forward to the Lord blessing us with many years of fruitful ministry with them at the helm.

Suffragan Bishop Nathan McAllister